Teaching first-aid procedures to high school students

The First-Aid game was commissioned by the Aragonese Center for Educational Technologies (CATEDU), as a tool to teach high school students basic first-aid and reanimation procedures.

It was developed by the e-UCM Research Group using e-Adventure, an authoring platform for the creation of educational games. It is distributed under a Creative Commons license (by-nc-sa).

This site hosts the English version of the game, with a special focus on TEL research applications. For Spanish documentation and to download the original game currently being used by CATEDU in Aragonese high schools, visit the CATEDU website section on educational games.

Game screenshot

Main reference:

Marchiori EJ, Ferrer G, Fernández-Manjón B, Povar Marco J, Suberviola González JF, Giménez Valverde A. Video-game instruction in basic life support maneuvers. Emergencias. 2012;24:433-7. (download PDF)